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Bright Grazes for Australia in 1998 [7K]

'S' at the end of a track indicates interference from the Sun
'A' indicates that the star is at low altitude
Date :
Universal Time (UT). UT is effectively equivalent to Greenwich Mean Time.
Star (ZC) :
Star number in Robertson's Zodiacal Catalog.
Mag :
Star Magnitude.
Time :
Approximate hour and minute of graze (Universal Time).
%Snlt :
Percent sunlit of the moon. "+" is waxing (before Full Moon) and "-" waning.
Limit :
Whether the star grazes the Northern or Southern edge of the Moon.
Prediction for... :
IOTA Predictions and a profile are available as a text file for this graze. Once downloaded and saved, you should view the file with a non-proportional font (e.g. Courier 10 point) to preserve the formatting.

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               Star           Time UT
     Date      (ZC)    Mag    hr min   %Snlt  Limit  Prediction for...
     ----      ----    ---    -- ---   -----  -----  -----------------
     Oct 26    2699    6.8    10  53    30+     S    Rockhampton
     Nov 11    1487*   1.3    23  22    40-	S    Adelaide    Melbourne
     Nov 22    2658    5.8    10  18    10+     N    Rockhampton/Bundaberg
     Nov 25    3064*   5.9     8  22    33+     S    Rockhampton
     Nov 27    3353*   3.7    13  42    56+     N    Adelaide/Port Macquarie
     * Notes, see below

ZC 1487 : The star is Regulus (Alpha Leonis) and the graze is during daylight.
ZC 2658 : Double Star; Magnitudes 6.2 and 6.2, sep 0.05" in PA 0.
ZC 3064 : The event is very close to sunset at Rockhampton and may not be visible.
ZC 3353 : Event occurs on the bright limb in Adelaide; predictions not available for this site.
          Will be difficult at Port Macquarie where Moon altitude is only 10.

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