This occultation sequence was captured in St.Kilda, Victoria, on 2003 October 6 by Stefan Buda and Bratislav Curcic, using Stefan's 25cm f/16 Dall-Kirkham telescope with no refractive optics, and a Philips ToUcam webcam using 1/25th second exposures at 10 frames per second. The location was approx 144d 59m 30s E, 37d 51m 30s S.

The video composite covers approximately 12 minutes, and images shown are spaced roughly one minute apart. (North is up in the image). Bratislav aimed to pick the sharpest 10 video frames near each time slice, then image stacked and processed them.

Grazing occultation of Mars, 6 October 2003 [10.7K]

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