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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
2016 March 27 & 28

(Updated 6 March 2016)

The Occultation Section of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand (RASNZ) is pleased to announce that the Tenth Trans-Tasman Symposium on Occultations (TTSO10) will be held over Easter 2016, in conjunction with the 27th National Australian Convention of Amateur Astronomers (NACAA).

TTSO10 will feature reviews of recent occultation activity and results, data reduction methods and techniques, updated information on equipment, and sessions devoted to the practical needs of both new and more advanced observers. The meeting will be attended by occultation observers throughout Australia and New Zealand, and we hope to welcome the attendance and participation of observers from further afield.

NACAA XXVII will be held in Sydney, Australia, and hosted by the Sutherland Astronomical Society Inc (SASI). TTSO10 attendees are encouraged to also attend some or all of the NACAA events. More information on the NACAA meeting is available on its website.

TTSO10's technical sessions will be split across the weekend with presentations on Sunday afternoon and Monday March 27-28. However, there are a number of other papers relating to occultations or observing techniques similar to occultation observing at other times through the weekend.

Registrations for TTSO10 will be done via the NACAA website.

The RASNZ Occultation Section is looking forward to welcoming participants to the Tenth Trans-Tasman Symposium on Occultations.

The entire TTSO10 meeting and associated programmes as detailed below will be webcast using MeetCheap. The webcast will commence 10 minutes prior to the start of each day's programme as detailed below. You are free to join or depart at any time. For the convenience of our overseas guests session times are listed in Universal Time as well as AEDT.

Some instructions on how to use MeetCheap ...

Login to MeetCheap using this link,56057677 or the button below. Once the page opens, put your full name or initial in the dialogue box or click on the 'Sign In' tab in the top right corner, do likewise and login . This allows us to see who is actually there. Steve Kerr or S Kerr is more preferable than just SteveK. No password is required and the site cookie remembers your login name so subsequent logins only require you clicking 'OK'. The moderator question on the login box must remain as 'NO' otherwise you cannot login. Do not modify that URL in any way as it will not work. It is Java based so some people may have issues but it usually works OK.

To join the webcast, click this button:


UTC Start
AEDT Start
Title Presenter
Pluto Occultation 2015 - Amateur contributions to professional science Bruno Sicardy / John Talbot / Steve Kerrr
Recent Asteroidal Occultations Highlights from Across the World Dave Herald
Venus Ashen Light Lunar Occultation - How dark is the dark side? David and Joan Dunham


UTC Start
AEDT Start
Title Presenter
22:00 09:00 Recent Asteroidal Occultations observed across Australia and New Zealand John Talbot / Steve Kerr
22:30 09:30 Lunar Occultation Observations and Results including double star events Brian Loader (remote by MeetCheap)
23:00 10:00 Update on turning your smart phone into a time source beeper box Stephen Russell
23:15 10:15 Group Photo -
23:30 10:30 MORNING TEA -
00:00 11:00 Measurements of wide double stars using your occultation gear Murray Forbes
00:30 11:30 How to carry out multi-station asteroidal occultations - what is a paver mount? David and Joan Dunham and John Broughton
01:00 12:00 Memorable grazing lunar occultations Dave Herald
01:30 12:30 LUNCH -
02:30 13:30 Occultation Q&A Hosted by Steve Kerr
03:30 14:30 Interesting Occultations over the next two years Steve Kerr
04:00 15:00 AFTERNOON TEA -
04:30 15:30 Light Curve Archiving for Occultations Dave Herald
05:00 16:00 RASNZ Occultation Section - What's Happening, where are we going? Steve Kerr

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