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RASNZ and IOTA Occultation Publications

To read the PDF publications referred to on this page you will need Adobe Reader.

Full financial membership of the RASNZ Occultation Section (RASNZ/OS) costs $NZ 35.00 per calendar year and provides a number of benefits.

Two of these benefits are subscriptions to our two major occultation publicatons - the RASNZ Occultation Section Circulars, and the Journal for Occultation Astronomy published by the International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA).

If you are already a financial member of the Section you can use the member login and password issued with your membership to download current and past publications from our member/downloads area:

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If you are not currently a member of the Section you'll find information about membership on our Membership Page.

RASNZ Occultation Section News Circulars

RASNZ/OS Circulars are published exclusively as PDF files available for download from our website. They contain detailed reports from observers, provide analysis and feedback, give advance warning of upcoming lunar and planetary occultations, and contain general news likely to be of interest to all occultation observers. In the past we have published Circulars on a quarterly basis, although over the years 2008-2011 our publications were in abeyance. At present we are publishing Circulars as quickly as we can until our publications are fully back on schedule.

The Asteroidal Occultation Circulars (CA series) which were published up untll 2008 have been discontinued as their function has largely been superseded by our online planetary occultation predictions and the common use of Hristo Pavlov's excellent OccultWatcher software.

For an example of what our News Circulars contain please download a free sample:

Circular CN2007/4 - March 2012 (5.9Mb MB PDF / 64 pages)
Circular CN2009/1 - April 2013 (9.1Mb MB PDF / 64 pages)

More recent publications can be downloaded from our Members Area.

Submitting Material for Publication in the RASNZ/OS Circulars::


Journal for Occultation Astronomy (JOA)

  • The editors of the JOA are keen to encourage submissions of material suitable for publication. Please send any submissions to the co-ordinator for Australia/New Zealand: Stephen Kerr. Submissions should conform to the following standards:

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