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OCCULTATION OF UCAC4 347-165728 BY 134340 Pluto
2015 June 29

 This is an interim report - updates will be posted from time to time 

There are now 10 Positive sites  5 of which are plotted in the plot below.
This has  Misses and Clouded and technical problems  etc shown as well. 
I want to acknowledge the great response we have had for this event.
You have had me snowed under and my highest priority has been to share the 
successful amateur data with the professional teams especially the New Horizons team who need
to guide the probe around Pluto on 14 July.

If you at least tried to observe but have not sent in a report please do so soon so that you can be added to the list.
It os fair to say that we had a lot of "Technical Problems" and Clouded outs but that is nothing to be ashamed of.
My try was foiled by failure to find the right field. If this sounds like you, you are in good company, let us know.


Pluto occultation__ 2015 June 29


The circle above is plotted at the expected 2306 km diameter of Pluto planet surface. These are largely based on 50% level in the light curve so fall further out. I am still working through the results I have been sent and I will update this report from time to time as I make progress and new data comes in.

Observational Data:


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