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OCCULTATION OF UCAC4 493-001971 BY 308 Polyxo

A 4 second occultation was recorded by Jonathan Bradshaw, using an SCT Telescope and Watec 910BD camera.

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  1    J Bradshaw, Samford Valley, Queensland, Australia
  2(P) Prediction- IOTA Feed                



Polyxo occultation__ 20160616


The circle above is plotted at the expected diameter of Polyxo. With only one chord it is not possible to determine whether Jonathan was north or south of the central line of the event. The circle has been plotted on the observed chord.

The figure below shows the Tangra light curve of the occultation.

Polyxo  occultation__ 20160616

Observational Data:

Observation details for MP ( 308 ) Polyxo
By Star              UCAC4 493-001971
On 2016-06-16  at 18:52:45.0


Observer   Jonathan Bradshaw
Location   Samford Valley, Qld, Australia
Longitude  +152:50
Latitude   -27:22
Altitude   80 m
Datum      WGS84
Telescope SCT including Cass and Mak
Aperture   36 cm
Seeing     Steady Clear 
Camera Type  Watec 910BD    NTSC/EIA      
Camera Delay 
Timing     GPS - time inserted Video with frame analysis
Disappearance  18:52:39.63
Reappearance   18:52:43.76
Comments:   Report prepopulated by IOTA Reporting Add-in for OW ver.1.8


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