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Updated:   2016 JUL 14, 23:05 UT

Event Rank : 78

(The event Rank is a measure of the likelihood of observing an event, and is equal to the probability of at least one successful observation by a team of two observers spaced 1/8 path width just inside opposite sides of the predicted path. An event rank of 100 indicates that the prediction is expected to be very accurate).


Note: The duration given in the line below is the interval during which the occultation shadow sweeps across the Earth - please see the minute markers on the map to determine the approximate time for your location.

Dembowska Update Map

On 2016 Aug 08 UT, the 165 km diameter asteroid (349) Dembowska will occult a 9.4 mag star in the constellation Piscis Austrinus for observers along a path firstly passing near Whangarei in New Zealand. Then in Australia, the path passes near Sydney and Newcastle.

In the case of an occultation, the combined light of the asteroid and the star will drop by 0.65 mag to 9.21 mag (the combined magnitude of the asteroid and the close companion star) for at most 14.9 seconds.

This update is based on UNSO/Flagstaff astrometry for the asteroid kindly provided by Hugh Harris, astrometry for the asteroid kindly provided by Bill Owen, astrometry for the asteroid kindly provided by the IAU Minor Planet Center.

Additional details of this and other events are available at Steve Preston's website at

EVENT DETAILS SUMMARY : Data for the target star : Data for the minor planet : The Occultation Path :

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